Wasteland was founded in May 1994 in Amsterdam. Its origins lie in the idea to bring the underground fetish scene into the open. The ultimate goal was to create a climate of tolerance and acceptance for the fetish culture. We wanted to create a place for straights, gays and bisexuals.

An adult playground where you can discover and experience your fetish fantasies. A place where you can be who you really want to be. Without prejudices. Our very first Wasteland Party was launched at Amsterdam ‘s famous club “36 op de Schaal van Richter” and the neighbours opposite the street, “cafe Blitz”. A bridge was built between the two clubs across the street.

On the bridge fetish lovers and special acts showed the city what Wasteland was all about. Thousands of people, passing by or just visiting the bars, bore witness to incredible, out of the ordinary (to say the least) and exciting performances. Mouths fell open, a wave of pleasant shock went through the crowd, traffic came to a halt, and pictures of the bridge went all over the world. .